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Type of language course: Intensive

Level: beginners or intermediate

Length: 60 hours (6 weeks)

Period: preferably during summer months or month of January


The goal of this intensive specialized course in Spanish language designed for pre-nursing and nursing students is to offer students practical training in the Spanish language which will enable them to effectively communicate with Spanish speakers during their daily routines.  It also provides them with an underlying general theoretical knowledge of the Spanish language to enable them to develop strategies for self-correction in the use of the language. The course can be adapted to the specific needs of any nursing program, including  professional nurses in a variety of fields who wish to acquire Spanish to help them deal with their Spanish-speaking patients and constituency.




Communicate correctly with Spanish speakers in diverse nursing activities.

B. Specific objectives:

1. Develop strategies for listening comprehension in dealing with Spanish speakers.

2. Develop strategies for oral expression for asking questions and giving instructions to Spanish speakers.

3. Acquire pertinent vocabulary for reading and filling out forms written in Spanish, as well as instructions from doctors.

4. Develop awareness and understanding of Hispanic cultural norms and concepts and their relation to handling some of the following issues confronting today's nurses in a variety of specific settings, such as:

admissions and registration
general patient assessment
taking a patient history
communication with patient about treatment; calming fears
communication with patient's family
providing input to physician about patient and family concerns
emergency room care
home health care
dietary management and education
community health
reproductive health
the hearing impaired patient
suspected abuse
preparation patient for discharge and management in the home

The program includes orientation; local excursions; homestays with local families and three meals per day; hospital observations in San Joaquín de Flores, Heredia and San José with bilingual assistant, and specialized lectures with invited professionals.

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