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Students enrolled in the program will:

Each professor teaching this class has fieldwork experience in different areas of Costa Rica’s natural environment.


    Carlos Porras, Master’s Degree in Environmental Legislation (International Cooperation University, 2014) and Degree in Management and Protection of Natural Resources (State Distance Education University, Costa Rica, 2005).

    Ana Victoria Vázquez Rojas, Master of Science (University of Maryland, USA, 1989) and Bachelor’s Degree in Biology (University of Costa Rica, 1985).

    Javier Víquez Ruiz, Bachelor’s Degree in Tropical Biology (National University of Costa Rica, 2002), Degree in Environmental Education (National University of Costa Rica, 2003), Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development (University of Costa Rica, 2006).

    Dafne Minera, Master of Language Arts – Teaching English as a Second Language (Greensboro College, NC, USA, 2010), Licentiate on Spanish/English Translation and Interpretation (undergraduate) (National University of Costa Rica, 2003), Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (National University of Costa Rica, 2000).


Field work activities * guided by a professor:

The program consists of the following four courses in English:

Conservation & Eco-Tourism
Forestry Management and Wetlands
Marine Biology
Tropical Ecology

Plus, depending on level of proficiency, one of the following Spanish courses:

Beginning Spanish language with an emphasis on Ecology
Intermediate Spanish language with an emphasis on Ecology

Advanced Spanish language with an emphasis on Ecology

Cost of 2015 Semester Program: $12,200

Includes housing, orientation, local (and one international) excursions offered by the Institute, and instructional costs for the five courses.

The Instituto San Joaquin de Flores is pleased to announce the new semester program – Sustainability & Environmental Studies in Costa Rica – which combines coursework in English with a Spanish language course focusing on the environment.   The program offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the remarkable biodiversity of Costa Rica through courses and field experience while also obtaining relevant language skills.